Thursday, 27 October 2011

Spring in the garden

The bottlebrush trees are in full flower, I think i counted about 12 of these around the house. And the bees are busy doing what bees do. I sat on the seat above and just watched them being busy! Just as well I am not allergic to bees. But it was lovely to take some time out and just watch them, listening to the birds as well. Was a lovely sunny day and I had finished a couple of hectic days, tidying up, doing some paving around the edge of the shadecloth and the mowing man had been. Looked good, but the feet were sore.

These are my sweet peas coming out in flower, they struggled for awhile as they werent getting much sunlight in the winter, but now they are taller, and seem much happier! Well thats my story anyhow. Learning lots in this gardening caper.

This weekend I have guests in The Sanctuary ( I mean paying guests!!) so thats great. It has been a busy 12 months to get to this stage, and I am quite happy with the way its turned out. In a fortnight I have a Mystery quilt weekend scheduled, still a couple of spots left in this. The quilts I have seen from this pattern look really terrific, and all so different, its not obviously the same pattern.
So contact me if you would like a weekend away, time out from the usual stuff, and time just for you!
Over and out from me, time to get back to some quilting tomorrow and catch up on some of my house cleaning.

Enjoy whatever you do,
Blessings from Jude
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