Friday, 7 October 2011

Stawell Quilters visit

This is a photo of the bus that pulled up at my place on Thursday afternoon, from which 43 quilters from Stawell alighted.
They were on a Mystery trip and had left home at 6am and been via Portland, Penola, Mundulla, Bordertown and then home via Nhill.
Quite a lot to pack into their day

They came to see some quilts, and an inspection of The Sanctuary. Good to see you girls, and thanks for coming. Hope you had a good day.

Will post more another day,
Happy quilting,
Regards Jude
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Clarky said...

Hi Jude.
Great photos.
I have been lucky enough to spend a weekend at the sanctuary & it is so restful & set up so well .
Agreat place to chill out & have fun with friends & of course get some quilting done. Thankyou Judy.

jude's page said...

Thankyou Clarky! And it wouldn't have been possible without such good friends.

grooky said...

thank u for a place to relax
after a day at the exhibition. grooky.