Thursday, 22 December 2011

Update on Mum

Thanks to all those who enquired about my mum, latest is that she went home this morning, and is so
excited to be "out". She is still very tired and will take it easy in between the walking that she has to do.
Mum and dad will have a quiet day on Christmas day and not join in the family gathering.
Thankfully we have just had celebrations for her 80th, and lots of photo opportunities that day.
The photo below is of mum and dad and their grandchildren, except for 2. It was
a good effort to get that many altogether in the one place, as there is a 12 hour distance between 2 of the families.

Today I started my Christmas shopping, and only have 2 to buy for now. Try again tomorrow.
I started some cleaning (!!) in my kitchen this morning, trying to declutter a bit, and tomorrow I may
even attempt some Christmas baking? Am giving myself a few days from quilting, back to it next Tuesday.

Enjoy your day
Blessings from Jude
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Christina said...

So happy all is well with your mum Jude. What a wonderful batch of photos and news on your blog.
Have a truly lovely and safe Christmas. Christina