Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jan's Kelmscott

Photos of Jans quilt above. As it was finished after dark, and I left the house before daylight the next day, I did not have a chance to
put the quilt on my bed for a photo with the "right" light. The top photo was taken draped over the machine, and the other photos were taken by Jan's husband (he calls himself the Quilt Widower!), but he could not turn his flash off for the photo, so it's harder to see the quilting, but you get the idea. Fits the bed nicely and can't wait to see the binding done (hint, hint, Jan!)
Am working on another large quilt this week, 105" square custom job. So the blogging has been quiet. And lots of other end of year things happening too, I can't believe just how quickly 2011 has gone.
ALso keeping busy with watering at The Sanctuary, and organising weekends for 2012, and taking some bookings which is great.
Well better go and shift the sprinkler, and then get on with work. Today is also the day when some of our quilting group girls get together here and make quilts for those in need.

Enjoy your day,
From Jude
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