Thursday, 8 December 2011

Another custom

This is the quilt that I am working my way through this week, it's not small is it?
It's taking me awhile, lots of SID and some feathers, CC, straight lines and some I'm not sure
just what I will do yet, (it's still talking to me!) The points are amazing, the seams are all pressed
how they should be (except for 2!!) and the lady that made this is 79!! Lovely mitred corners on the navy border print
that was used in most of the borders. I will be very pleased when i have finished this, as most of the recent quilts I have done have
been very large intense custom jobs. I have a few smaller ones coming up and then another couple large ones waiting for January, and then hoping for Father Christmas to send me a few edge to edge jobs.
Well, better get back to the machine, the flying geese are waiting for me.

Enjoy your day,
Blessings from Jude
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Pat G said...

You'll get there Jude