Friday, 31 July 2020

A bloganniversary!

When I noticed the date this morning, I recalled that this was the day, 9 years ago that I started the newsfromjude blog. Perhaps I need a cake and 9 candles to celebrate this event?? It was an interesting learning curve, working out how to do it, and then to add photos. I went back this morning and reread the first few posts, which were much briefer than those I do these days. In that time I have made 1,126 posts.

This was my first post....................................

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Last day of July

Well, I have been debating about writing a blog for awhile now, and have done it.
I can't believe its the last day of July, another month has gone, over half of another year.
Now I'm not sure what to say, so maybe I'll be back another day soon.
Has been a very busy day, lots happening in the quilting room and lots happening at THe Sanctuary, trying to get things ready for a September opening.
The weather was lovely for the weekend, getting lots of plants in and edges done in the gardens at THe Sanctuary. Should look good in the spring. I shall take some photos for you.
Bye for now.
How is that for short, sharp and shiny? Thanks to those who have joined along the way, and keep coming back for more newsfromjude. It is always lovely to get comments from my readers, and so to "encourage" you I think this occasion is worthy of a giveaway.

Please leave me a comment and tell me how long you have been reading newsfromjude for? For previous competitions on this blog, I have acccepted comments by emails too, but this time I am keeping it to only published blog comments. You have until the end of August 8th to enter. 

I will put names in the hat and draw one for this little suitcase that contains 1,000 x 2" squares (500 lights and 500 mediums). That is the equivalent of 2 1/2 metres of fabric, all cut ready for you to make something with, or add to your stash? Entry is open to all readers, and I am happy to send overseas.
I look forward to hearing from y'all!

Before I finish off, I thought you might like to click on this link, that Bonnie Hunter posted on her blog a few days ago. It is the Quarantine Edition of "For the Longest Time", sung by The Phoenix Chamber choir. Listen to the words, and smile.

Have a good day. The sun is shining here, although it is still cold. A visitor arrived here this morning to spend some time and wave her magic wand over my chaos again. And tomorrow we are looking forward to zooming with Chookyblue and blog friends.

Blessings, From Jude


kiwikid said...

I met you and started following you at the last Chooky zoom meeting. Lovely to have your organiser pop in for a visit. Time flies doesn't it, but great to have it recorded in your blog. See you tomorrow at Chooky's.

Maria said...

Happy blogiverary .... look forward to catching up again tomorrow with Chooky and the others.....

Karen's Korner said...

Happy 9th anniversary.

Hellie said...

Can’t remember when. You are creating a great history for your family

Raylene Edwards said...

I definitely remember it was B.C. ( Before Carona). Looong before, I was able to read the blog, but not reply. You taught me how & I’ve enjoyed every part of this story of your life since. 💖

Susan said...

I haven't been following you for long - just since Chooky's first Zoom meeting - but I try to catch up every so often.
Happy Blogiversary!

Sue said...

Happy blogiversary, years Judy years 😀😀😀

Jean McGee said...

I have enjoyed my weekends at your retreats Judy met lots of lovely people and made great frIends.
The memories will always be there,

Unknown said...

is this the right way?

Unknown said...

that was me!!Marie

Jean McGee said...

I started reading your blog in 2014 after my first Christmas in July, love catching up with how things are in your world and watching the family grow.
Take care and keep warm xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Judy,just got back to reading your blog now that I am back doing patchwork.
Love Jeannette. xooxxo

Robyn said...

Hi Judy
Mum told me years ago to follow Judy to see what Mum was up to. Finally doing it sitting here in Judy’s sewing room.
Besides I need a new project!?!