Saturday, 13 January 2018

Another week has gone!

Here it is and another weekend is here. I thought 2017 sped by, but 2018 seems to be going in the same direction. I can't imagine ever being bored in this lifetime. My time this week has been shared with Max, and those piles of fabric. I think I am making progress, but still a way to go yet. I woke early this morning, so have done a few jobs, and now decided to do a blog post, before I spend a few hours in the chair at the hair salon, having a long overdue cut and colour.

And I see there are a few quilt photos in the files, some from before Christmas.

First is a quilt made by Jenny, and quilted allover with a pattern called Sassy.

This Christmas quilt was made by Veronica, and I did manage to get it finished before Christmas!

Helen made this quilt, and it is her first quilt! Very pretty colours and she did a good job for a first time. This was quilted allover with "Floppy Daisy", with custom in the applique strip.

Here is another Christmas one, made by Jenny, who is going to use it as a table runner.

Sherrel made this churn dash quilt, called China Blue, in a Pick a Case Retreat, and this was quilted allover with a pattern called Luna.

A lovely purple quilt, made by Marion, with simple custom quilting.

Julie made this quilt for her bedroom, to match her curtains, which are the burgundy fabric around the centre square. The centre was her project in a Gloria Loughman, "Playing on the Surface" workshop. Julie then designed the rest of the quilt around this. (Julie is a quilter, who won't start another project until she has finished one, so now she can start something new!! I am not too sure that I could do this, in fact I know I couldn't, and don't!)

That's it for now. Time to open EQ7 and start work, until I leave for my appointment. I will be back soon, (?), well sometime, with another update.

This weather is very strange, as last Saturday reached a high of 43 deg, and today is forecast to be 21deg!!! Less than half, and so very changeable. But I won't complain, because I know that a lot of areas are having a week of 40 deg temperatures, and we are only getting the occasional day in amongst lovely living weather.

Have a good weekend, whatever you may be doing.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

A few hours “In The Chair” can do wonders-sit back & relax. More really lovely quilts, so interesting to see the variety of designs & colour choices. Weather..??? ☔️☀️🌦💨

Susan Smith said...

Lovely quilts & quilting. Yes, this weather is crazy, as we had 41.6 one day & now it's only about 20 with maybe a snow shower on the Alps here & in Tassie. Weird!!
I must do a blog post soon, with something you may recognise. Maybe tomorrow. Take care.

Jean McGee said...

Beautiful quilts once again. Weather is unpredictable T the moment so we just have to go with the flow.😀😀😀

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

This year is just going by ridiculously fast... oh I do love that Christmas quilt!! xx