Sunday, 24 December 2017

"Tis Christmas Eve!

Time for another post, and time to wish my readers a Merry Christmas. May you know God's richest blessings as you celebrate with family and friends. Our church was almost full this morning and the singing of those beautiful Christmas songs was awesome. Following this service, a few of us shared a lovely lunch out before I came home, and here I am on the computer.

Was talking to another friend on the phone this morning, and she politely told me it was time for a post. And my mother said she had been checking each day. (Seems like it must another week since the last post again!?) So I had to stop and think about what I have done this week, and the answer is not a lot!! I did finish a couple of quilts and they have been picked up by their owners. I did spend some early morning time in the garden, weeding and pruning after months of neglect, and am happy to say I am almost done. (Although really, a garden is never done, is it??) So I shall say that maybe I am caught up?? There are lots of piles of rubbish waiting for the green bin to be emptied, and refilled. A "minimum" of house work has been done, and even a couple loads of washing.

I have shared some cuppa time with friends who called in, and I have spent a lot of time sitting in the pergola for lunch while reading a book. And I confess that lunch time turned into late afternoon time, and then evening time in the lounge recliner!! I think I could get used to this lifestyle, but my accountant tells me that I have 2 more years until retirement yet!

You can see that there were 4 books in the the first volume, and 3 in the next, so that totals 7 books really. I think that might be enough reading to last until next year?? I have had these books for many months, and upon going back into previous blogs, they were purchased at Koorong, back in May. I have not been game to start, because I know that when I start a book, I need to keep reading until the end, and ignore other jobs. So I decided that this week was my "holiday", and I have had down time.

 I know it is Christmas day tomorrow, but as my family celebrated back on the 14th, tomorrow will be very low key. Miss Bridie and her mum and dad will be here tomorrow evening and the rest of the day will be "cruisy"!  On Boxing Day we all go to Murray Bridge for my family gathering and that should be about 30 of us. After that, it will be time to get back to work, and I know there is lots of fabric here, waiting to be designed into quilts, and the fabric cut, and instructions written. Lots of little cases waiting to be filled!!

I also found a lot of quilt photos waiting to be shown, but decided that could wait until after Christmas. I have been on facebook though, and "borrowed" photos from my children's pages. These are all of their visits to Santa, and now will be in my blog book, when it is printed next year.

                             .............The family of DD1

                                                  the family of DD2

                                                          and Miss Bridie!

Maybe next year there will be another Santa photo??

Be back in a few days, with a quilt show for you.

Blessings, From Jude


Linda Steele said...

Merry Christmas Jude, enjoy your break xx

Susan Smith said...

Merry Christmas Judy, enjoy family time & the break. Huggles, Susan.

Jean McGee said...

Have a very happy Christmas with your family Judy and enjoy some more time relaxing and reading. Love, Jean xx😀

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Merry Christmas dear friend!!! Enjoy those books!! xx

Sue SA said...

Merry Christmas Jude! Lovely to see your grandchildren. Glad you are getting some "me" time!