Friday, 1 December 2017

Changing plans

Was up early this morning to get the quilt done that i loaded yesterday but.....there is a change of plans.  Yesterday afternoon was stormy, hot and thundery so I switched off Max  and the computers and took some time out to read a book and relax. I don't  like using Max in a thunderstorm.     Early this morning, switched on Max, had coffee, and had shower. But then the POWER WENT OUT and is still out. So am set up with the bookwork and 2 LED lights instead, which had been on the weekend plan anyway.     Have had heaps more rain.        Blessings from Jude


Sue SA said...

How much rain did you get Friday? We only had 16 mm overnight, but other places locally had up to 40mm, so we got off lightly. See more on the radar coming but hoping it is going to go around us, not that the rest of the state need it either!

Raylene Edwards said...

So, the time out was meant to be, but just NOT the time you had decided! And with a couple of guiding lights the book work is now up to date??

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I think we need a treadle Gammill... oh well... get that bookwork done and then you can play again... xx