Thursday, 9 November 2017

Melbourne Cup Day

This morning I was having a session of the "go slows", and decided to do a blog post, so that I could say that I had achieved something. I was half way through, and written an "essay", and must have hit the wrong button, and it all disappeared! So I decided that maybe I should go and do the jobs I had been avoiding. I will admit that some still need to be done, but tomorrow is another day. 

Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day in Australia. The Victorians even have a public holiday for the day. I am not a gambler, and don't even buy lotto tickets, or waste a dollar in the pokies, but I do have a little flutter with friends at home on Cup Day. I confess to spending $14.50 for 20 horses, and received a grand total of $5 at the end of the day. Think that makes me a loser!! It was a lot of fun though, a day with friends and a pooled lunch.

We had 2 efficient "bookies", who managed the money, and kept track of the horses we drew out of the bag.

A couple of ladies chose to make it a sewing day, but the rest were happy to watch the screen, checkout the trackside fashions, and the horses or course!

All eyes were on the screen, and some were cheering for their numbers as the main race was run.

And dear Mignon, was so surprised that her horse came first, and lo and behold, the second place was also her horse!! We were all very pleased that she had a good day. I must tell you that Mignon brought a trifle for dessert for lunch, and it was so good, we all went back for seconds. Sorry, no photo.

I can't believe that it is the 9th day of November already. Where have the days gone since our exhibition finished?? I know that a few quilts have been completed, a bit of time has been spent in the garden. There was a Statler gathering, I have had a few appointments, and a couple of trips up the highway. Time sure is going so fast. The rest of November will go just as quick, with more quilting, another couple of trips to the city, a dentist and accountant appointment, and another wedding to attend. I am not even going to think about that event that happens in December, although one of my children phoned today to talk about it already!!

The next few days will be busy, with the arrival tomorrow of the "Time with William" retreat ladies. There are 2 retreats, one after the other, with the second lot coming on Monday. This will be a lovely few days, stitching with Michele, and I look forward to seeing what everyone is working on. (Maybe I might even get time to get out my "Dear William" project??

 And the weather forecast shows that we will have our first taste of summer, which will be a bit of a shock coming so soon after cool temps. The watering in the garden will be starting in earnest, and I might need to turn the air con to cooling instead of heating!

Will be back with more newsfromjude as the weekend unfolds.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

I love a Cup Sweep at work when the Cup is on, so enjoyed the fact I had to go into work so I could join in on my once a year gamble as well! Sorry I cannot be there for all the sewing groups, sounds like fun and my sewing mojo has returned, but unfortunately my husband is globe trotting!

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Sounds like a very fun day! I have never bought a lotto ticket or anything like that either... I am sure I would lose more than I put in!! xx

Susan Smith said...

What a great day for you all. I don't bother about Melbourne Cup day & just do what I normally would & that happens to be grocery shopping day. You sure are going to be busy this month & like you I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday. Ugh!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend and take care.