Friday, 3 February 2017

It's Friday again.....

Time just seems to be going so fast, and I can't see it changing anytime soon. It has been another full week, and only seems like yesterday that the Australia Day retreaters left. Then it was time to get back into some quilting and everything else that goes with that. People picking up quilts, and bringing in new ones, and thinking about how I am going to quilt those coming up in the queue. 

Today is was Valuation Day in Adelaide and there were 4 quilts to go down from local girls, so they were packed into the car this morning. And at the last meeting I volunteered to take morning tea, so yesterday I spent in the kitchen cooking some goodies. It is nice that another local lady has joined the Panel, and we travel together, which makes the trip seems shorter, when you have someone to chat to. And today it was the end of Pat's training, and she received her badge, and the ability to sign off on quilts, so congratulations Pat. We enjoy seeing all the different quilts that come in, and the discussion about various things. Then we met up with a couple of friends for coffee, and a chat, which was lovely. And we might have called into a couple of shops on the way home, and we, or me, might have left some money at those places?? And then it was a stop to catch up with my mum and dad, before heading for home. We left at 6am this morning, and arrived home just after 7pm tonight, after a good day out.

Another little job this week, was the setting up of my new printer. This is a job I leave to the experts, and Wednesday was the day. You can see my old printer on the shelf above, (in the 3rd photo down), and it has served me well for years, and is still going well. I have had a photocopier which I have used for years, to copy newsletters, and print my class patterns in A3 size. And I was sad that recently this died.  You can see this in the following photo. It is now outside, waiting to go to the dump, and I have relocated my fabric stash in this space now, as in the second photo.

Those drawers and the black plastic unit will be where I put all that fabric that I am sorting, I hope. This is still a work in progress, which I shall need to get sorted very soon.

This is my new toy, and I have to say, I love it. It even prints both sides of the paper, without having to feed the paper back into the printer, and easily prints or copies. I still have the other printer set up, as I think this might be a bit better for printing photos. 

I am still working on sorting the shelves behind Max, and am waiting for the local shop to get their order of more shelving, in. I think tomorrow it will be warm enough to switch the air con on again, after a few cooler days this week.

I need to clarify to my readers, who have left comments about this, that I have had an air conditioner in my room, and you can just see it above the old printer on the shelf above. It was quite good when I had my first machine, and the room was much smaller. But after I extended my working area by double, it is not so effective, and is getting old. I have had it repaired once, and decided it is past it's "use by date". It was also a cooling only unit, and did not heat. I will be leaving it in it's present position, but not using it, as if removed, it will leave a hole in the wall. The new unit, is in direct line of where I stand at the machine, so will be great.

Well, that's enough ramble from me tonight. I am in the process of doing another blog post, which should be published tomorrow, I hope.  So check back in soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Again you've been so busy. Sounds an enjoyable day out & you are getting there with your rearranging. Yes it is supposed to be another hot one today. Sunny here already at 7.30am with the magpies singing to me too. Have a good weekend & take care.