Wednesday, 15 February 2017

And the quilter will fix it!?

Have you heard the saying, "the quilter will fix it?" There is a song, written by a Canadian quilter, (Cathy Miller),which has this line in it, and I have heard this said many times, although mostly as a joke.

I have just finished a wedding ring quilt, and it looked pretty good, until I got it loaded on the machine. I am not posting this as a criticism, but as an example of how things can be "fixed", sometimes. I am not mentioning any names. Apparently one of the fabrics used, was quite "stretchy" and the owner had a lot of trouble, made worse by the fact that the pieces were cut on a curve.
Photo 1 shows the quilt, after I loaded it.

 This photo shows what I did as I advanced. I basted all the arcs, and some of the melons, to anchor them where they should be and control the excess. I did no SID on this quilt. The blocks and melons had a simple pattern, and the arcs were all Continuous Curves. (It did take me quite awhile to remove the basting stitches at the end, but I think it was worthwhile doing it.)

And this is the finished quilt, still with a few puckers, but mostly sitting nicely. The owners were very happy with the final outcome, and so was I.

A good use of scrap fabrics, for a very pretty quilt.

Wow, 2 posts in one day, wonders will never cease. Loving this much cooler weather. Have been making good progress in the garden, planting things that have been in pots for too long, and laying straw as mulch. Finished the 2 side gardens and the back, and now to work on the front.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Wow Judy your a miracle worker, because I thought those middles would be forever puffy. Lovely pattern, on my one day list - one day when I buy a cutting template for my Go Cutter!

Susan Smith said...

You have worked wonders on that quilt & I love your choice of pattern, being so near Valentine's day when you did it.(giggle).I also found that saying (it will quilt out) very frustrating, though I only occasionally quilt for others now. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

You have done well! I have only had one customer quilt I couldn't "fix", and it happened to be a double wedding ring.... xx

Linda Steele said...

Congratulations on a wonderful job. I remember quilting some gift quilts for the bushfire victims a few years ago and I had a renewed sympathy for all professional quilters.

flossypatchedbritches said...

Now I can add "MIRACLE WORKER" to your list of talents!!