Thursday, 16 February 2017

A winner!

Thankyou to the 20 people who entered my competition. I loved your comments, and especially those who told me how they worked out their answers!
Some commented on the blog, a lot were emailed, and a couple in facebook messages, and also by text. Some try to leave a comment on the blog, and even though they have done it before, they can't seem to work it out again. (Maybe blogger changes things??) No matter, I loved to hear from you.
Some of you have left comments on the blog, and the contact is no-reply blogger, so I cannot reply to you. I would love to get the email address of Flossy Patched Britches, so that I can send you a reply.

Entries have been received from

Sue A                675
Lois                  2892
Pat                    1477
Susan                 543
Marie                3029
Gloria                 673  (who is from Canada!)
Jean McG         1850
Helen                1732
Maxine B          1525
Jean J                 5000
Pauline                673
Raelene              2600
Sherrel                3005
Susanne                750
Joy                       1200
Flossy Patched Britches    1500
Chooky Blue        1750
Island Girl            2050
Sharon                  3600
Joc                        5079

You can see there is a big variation of numbers, from 543 right up to 5079. If I had done all edge to edge quilts in those years, I might have reached the high number. I have had time off for 3 surgeries in this time, and renovated a couple of houses, and did a little bit of travelling to and from family. Holidays have been going for a few days on a trip to a quilt show or conference.

I was a bit worried a few days after I put the competition on the blog, as I realised that the invoice number on my invoices is the number I was asking for them to guess. But those who have had quilts done recently don't seem to have worked this out, or at least one might have, but only after she had submitted her guess, and then it was too late.

Sorry to keep you in suspense, as you are waiting for the magic number, which is.......

By my calculations, that means that Raelene is the closest with 2600, and Island girl in second place, with a guess of 2050.

Raelene's entry came by text, in a poem, and I shall post what she said......

"What a quilting life you've had...
that 2,600 quilts we're glad...
They were given your magic touch...
to make them loved quite so much."

I showed a pic of the prize in the last post, and will find something to send to Island girl also.
Thanks for your fantastic response, and I might do another competition sometime this year.
Thanks for reading.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Wow, I really underestimated your capabilities to work hard and fast! Congratulations to you Jude for such a successful career, with such a happy clientele and all work you do for others.

flossypatchedbritches said...

Hi Judy!
Far more quilts under your belt than I thought . . . wow!
I have ticked a box for follow-up comments to see if that helps you contact me.
If not I'll try some other way. I'd love to hear from you.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Yay for the winners and to you Judy for doing so many quilts!!! xx

Susan Smith said...

Congrats to the winners. I told you I was way out, as I did some calculations too, after I commented. Congrats to you too, on that wonderful total and as I've seen from your blog and in person, you are creative, clever and such a caring person. Have a good weekend & take care.

Gloria N. said...

Wow, I was way off! That is like 162 quilts a year! When do you find time to sleep with all the other things you do? Congrats.