Sunday, 28 August 2016

Home again

I decided that I better post tonight, before the week takes over and the days disappear again.

I have had an amazing few days away to attend AMQF, which is held in Adelaide every 2 years. There are classes by teachers from all over the world, a quilt show held by the AMQA, and a vendor mall with lots to tempt you.  I almost did not go this year, as life has been very busy, and I was so tired last week, it was an effort to get packed and away. But when you have classes with teachers of this calibre, and right on your own doorstep, (well almost!) and don't have to fly anywhere to attend, I was hesitant to cancel.
My main interest were the classes by Karen Farnsworth of USA, who taught us about the amazing software for the Statler. I knew a lot of the information already, but she showed us a lot more ways to use it, and there were many "lightbulb" moments! (And I mean the lightbulb was turned on, not off!!)
It was a very busy few days, fitting in as many classes as possible, and looking at the latest products, and admiring the quilts in the show. We were in class by 8am some mornings, and finished at 7.30 one night.

I just have a few photos to share, too busy to take lots.

This is Karen standing in front of the machine. She is an amazing teacher, and knows her subject well. Now I need some time to put some ideas onto quilts, which is always a challenge, to make the time for practice.

As she worked at the machine, we could see on the screen what was happening.

This photo shows Karen demonstrating how to do applique straight onto the longarm.

Karen handed out notes, as well as a CD of what she taught, so that we can go over it all again now that we are home.

And this is my "partner" in crime, who I shared accommodation with. We had a great few days, even though we were very busy. Alison has a Statler too, and also a fabric shop, called Canterbury Quilts, that sells online as well. Thanks for a fun time and your company Alison.

Each participant at AMQF received this backpack full of goodies with their registration.

 As we were rather tired each night, after our full day of classes, we decided not to go out to eat. A quick trip to the supermarket, and we decided to buy a piece of cooked pork and some salads. I knew that our room only had the basics for a cuppa, so had come prepared with some small plates and a knife for our morning toast, bowls and spoons for cereal and a mug each for a nice cuppa. So when we purchased the meat and salads, and arrived back at our room, we had no sharp knife or forks to cut with!! Using 2 knives, we managed to have "pulled pork", which seems to be a feature in all the latest recipes, doesn't it??  This is a photo of our evening meal, pulled pork, with greek salad and also Roasted pumpkin, chickpea and spinach salad, and the spoon to eat it with! And don't you like our bottle of Moscato, drank from a coffee mug!

And this little bundle of lovelies, managed to come home with me too! I wonder what I can do with these?

There were lots of stunning quilts to look at in the show, and I can't show you photos of them all, as I don't have permission from the owners. I did snap Chris O'Brien with her quilt, which was amazing.

I have seen this quilt posted on another site, so will post the Best of Show quilt, which was stunning. First a closeup and then the whole quilt. It was called Methylene Blue Mandalas, and was made by Katherine Jones.

Well that's all the newsfromjude for now. It is well past my bedtime, and I have a very busy week again.  Catch ya soon,

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Glad you got to AMQF and learnt lots. Maybe you'll be able to pass on some info at another Statler gathering. Of course I couldn't make it, sitting here on the opposite of the world. Have a lovely week and take care.

Michele Hill said...

SO glad you enjoyed it all Jude......loved the appliqué bit on the long arm too! Have great week x

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Looks like you had a great time! Like the idea of applique on the long arm.... will have to give it a go xx