Sunday, 10 April 2016

The first Statler Users Gathering at Number 8

Friday evening saw the arrival of girls from the other side of Melbourne, and Adelaide for our Statler Users Gathering. It is always a fun time, and this weekend has been no different. We gather for a long weekend of stitching, chatting, sharing, eating, and lots and lots of laughter. It is just the venue that is different this time.

The "other side of Melbourne" girls had a nice drive through country Victoria (directed by Google), and came across this mob of sheep, which held them up for a little while. Judging by the comments of the girls, I don't think they minded their delay!! 

This was what was posted on facebook.........."we had to pull over and let these girls pass. They were doing a ten km hike down the road. Behind this flock was a trusty sheep dog doing an excellent job and a chatty farmer in the truck who was considered by all in our car to be good Farmer wants a Wife material." 

Their trip took them a lot longer than it should have, but I did tell them I would not be home from Adelaide until 5pm.

It did not take long for everyone to get re-acquainted, and set to work on their projects. It is always a good weekend to work on your own sewing, that sometimes get put aside in favour of customer quilts. Some bring lots of projects, some have clothes to sew, some spend time doing hand piecing, and quite a few have bindings. And all the while we are sharing stories.

 The first photo is the scene early the next morning, before anyone else was out of bed.

 This little pile of fabric was a delivery for me, and was purchased at Quilt Market last year by a friend because I could not attend AQM. Some of this will end up in Mystery Quilt cases in the near future.

A hive of activity on Saturday. We use the TV to play teaching Videos and to keep up with the latest updates of our machines. Quite a few "light bulb" moments.

Hand piecing clam shells.

Making half square triangles from a charm pack........

 and pressing,.......

and the result at the end of Saturday.

A little treat at the end of Saturday!!

The sum total of my Saturday was 4 pot holders, to match my mixer cover. Must have done too much talking??

Sunday is another day of productivity, with bindings, 

and cushion covers, ....

and lots and lots of flying geese,....

and hand piecing ........

and needleturn applique.

The finished quilt with its binding done.

And multitasking at it's best!!!!!

The group photo of some very happy smiling faces.

And almost another finish, with borders left to be added.

We still have another day left to go, so lots more fun yet. I have almost finished the binding on my cross quilt, and hope to get this done tomorrow.
 I just asked the girls what other stories I could add to this post, and I have decided that I should probably stop now and say that what happens at retreat should stay at retreat. All I can hear are lots of laughs and I am a bit worried that someone might wet themselves.

Be back in a few days, with some quilt photos to share.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Nice to see a familiar face, didn't see any evidence of clothing production, so very surprised!

Jean McGee said...

Lots of fun at this retreat as always happens in Bordertown! 😀🎉

Susan Smith said...

Wonderful weekend with great company and yummy lunches. Thanks Judy. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oh how lovely!You all looks so relaxed and happy:) I think Susan needs to tell me when she is going next time...!! Joy xxx