Sunday, 22 November 2015

More quilts and other stuff….


It’s time for a few photos of recent customer quilts that have been done.

First up is Raelene’s Pink Scrappy trips which was the Pink Retreat project that I “encouraged” her to make! Quilted all over with a pattern called Whatever, because she told me to do whatever I liked on it. Winking smile


The next quilt was made by Margaret for a little girl and quilted all over with Dancing Hearts.


This jelly roll quilt was also made by Margaret, and it was quilted all over with Curling Waves. Some of the blue fabrics had fish and boats on them, so seemed like a good choice to me. And Margaret also gave me freedom to choose the pattern. (She actually told me….’you be the boss”! Margaret was the winner of the last giveaway and she will receive a $25 discount on the cost of quilting for her prize.


The next 2 quilts were made by Sally for grand children, and were quilted all over with a stars and moon pattern.



This quilt was made by Marion, and the blocks had embroidered cats on them. And many of the blue fabrics in the sashings also seemed to have a lot of cats. I think that Marion likes cats! This quilt was simply custom quilted.


For the last few months I have been so busy, that I have ignored things that should have been investigated. My desktop computer has been a bit noisy, and it wasn’t until a friend commented on the noise last week, that I really stopped and thought that I should do something. I was a bit daunted about how to get inside of the tower, and had been hoping to get some handy person to do it. Finally I decided to actually look at how to get the side off, and decided it was not that hard after all. And this is what I found inside! Sorry it is a blurry photo, but you get the idea. No wonder it was making a noise!


And after doing the desktop, I decided to look at the computer tower on my Statler. Had to get down on the floor to check that one, but it also was easy to get the side off. And found some more dust and fluff, but not as much as above. I was feeling quite proud of myself by this time, as a handyman I am not. I just like everything to work when I switch it on, and leave the mechanics to the experts. (But my computer expert is away at the moment).

I had also been ignoring a problem with the movement of Max. Just keep on quilting and hope for the best!! But last week it started to make quite a clunking when I was moving the machine along the track. So, boosted by the above results, I started to investigate the actual spot where the noise was coming from!! Narrowed it down to a couple of spots and took a cover off, and hoping I could get it back on again!!! But I could not find any problem, so put it back on again, and checked a bit further. Another spot not far away, and had to take off another silver cover thingy, and I could see all this thread, wrapped around a post thingy, which had a belt going around it. And this is what I managed to pull out of under all that!! It was no wonder it was clunking. SmileAnd after I managed to get the silver cover thingy back on, Max moved so smoothly along the table!!


Boosted as I was by all of the above, I decided that I should give Max some long, long overdue maintenance. I changed the check spring, the felt pad, and the blue spring, and oiled in all the places and cleaned off the dust and the tracks.( I need to tell you that I always do the oil thing, in case you think I haven’t done that in years either.) It sure feels good to catch up on some of these things.

Last month I ordered blinds for the bedrooms, and kitchen and my work room and this week they were installed. I made block out curtains for my work room when I started back in 2002, but as you can see in the first photo they had seem better days. A few months ago I purchased some new curtains to replace them, (in the second photo), but mistakenly bought thermal, and not block out fabric, so there was still lots of light and cold coming in the window. After I had the room extended back in 2007, I hung something temporary in the other window on the right, and so they had never matched. I did purchase 2 sets but never put the others up. I have vertical blinds in the other 2 front windows, and now have the same all along the front of the house.


I shall try to sell these hardly used curtains, and the other packet still unopened.


I am very happy with how these look, and now I need to sort all the “stuff” in front of the window. Can you see the tall pile of quilting magazines that I will be passing onto someone else??


It feels so good to finally be getting some sort of order in my house and garden. There is still a long way to go though. I have spent quite some time out in the garden this week. I have been laying pavers for a path in my new garden inside the new fence. A lot of dirt has been shifted by the wheel barrow load to fill the area. And all those pots of plants that were waiting patiently are nearly all in the ground now. Photos will come in due course. After a couple of very hot days in the middle of the week, the weather cooled to a lovely temperature. I have enjoyed having lunch in my pergola area and listening to the bird song. That balance that I have been looking for might be on the horizon. Smile

That’s all the newsfromjude for tonight.

Blessings, From Jude

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Jean McGee said...

Lots of work going on there Judy, but you have sorted out a few problems with the machines which will make life easier. Curtains look good too . 😗