Friday, 13 November 2015

Fence progress

The renovations happening here at my house include the addition of a fence at the side of the house. The posts have been in the ground for a few weeks, and we were waiting for the iron to come. It was a lovely surprise on Saturday afternoon when Pat and I arrived home to turn the corner and see that the iron was up!! It certainly makes a difference to the pergola and it is so nice to sit out there now. The first photo shows the posts up and the second shows the difference to the house with the fence. There are still gates to go on yet, and I can see the brown wall has faded so much that a coat of paint will be needed too.



The gardening is still a work in progress and I shall update that with photos a bit later. I had a load of garden loam delivered this week, so am shifting that a couple of wheel barrow loads at a time. Hopefully next week I shall get to planting the area under the trees, just inside the fence. The bougainvillea is a picture above the fence.

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Jean McGee said...

It looks great Judy and I am sure it will be a welcome spot for you on a lovely day to sit there and relax. Well done 😀