Friday, 13 November 2015

A winner

I know there are some people waiting for my decision on a name for the retreats on this side of the road. I thank all those who gave me ideas, and there were 13 names on the list.
I have to tell you that I am still undecided, although there are some great suggestions. I have put all the names of those who entered into the "hat" and the winner is Margaret! I shall be in touch Margaret with something for you soon.
And I will let you all know when I have finally decided the name.

I am about to go and sit in the hairdressers chair and have my hair done. And then this afternoon I am off up the highway again!! Have to say I am a bit over all the travel lately, but this is a special occasion. Tomorrow is the "hen's day" for DD3 who is getting married in about 3 weeks. Help, did I say 3 weeks?? Tomorrow we are driving around the Barossa in a stretch limo, dressed in our black and bling!! I shall get some photos for you and be back in a few days.

I have done a few little blog posts for you which follow this post. Hope you are having a great day whatever you are doing, in this lovely spring weather which we are having this week. Catch ya when I get back.

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Susan Smith said...

Looking forward to seeing what you choose as the name. Hope the day out went well. Take care.