Wednesday, 25 March 2015

More quilts

These a a few recent customer quilts that have been quilted with edge to edge patterns. I have a slight back log not yet shown, so will catch up eventually.

First are 2 from Ann, made for her grandchildren, and you can see the first is tractors for a boy, and the next one a row by row for her granddaughter, which is simply customed.



The next two are made by Suzie, and both quilted with modern edge to edge patterns.



And this was made by Pauline, for her grand daughter in Perth. Very cute, with the birds and their eggs.


1 comment:

Faye Packham said...

Kym thought he might like a tractor quilt for the caravan. I said I would teach him to make it himself....we will see.
Love all the quilts Judy xx