Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Country Forum

Every 2 years the Quilters Guild of SA hold a day in the city for country groups, and this year the theme was “Celebration”, as the QGSA was celebrating 30 years.

I had debated whether I would go or not, as I have been trying to cut back “life” a bit, but when it also coincided with a party for Mr 5 year old, I decided to make the combined trip. It was a great day out with other quilters, and 2 lovely ladies were guest speakers. The darling Faye Packham spoke of her Bedford journey and how the birth of her twin Lauren led her to raising funds so that others could benefit from the facilities of Bedford like Lauren had. What an inspiring story Faye. I know it brought tears to quite a few eyes in the audience.


Another speaker was Michele Hill, who spoke about William Morris, of course, and took us on a photographic journey of her England tours. Our Bordertown group are looking forward to our exhibition in October when Michele is coming to open our show and display some of her quilts.

Both of these ladies also won special awards at the Australian Quilt Convention last year, (the Rajah and the LutDa award), and we were shown their awards, and given a special commentary of the night as it happened last year!

A lovely lunch was supplied to us, and there were shops to tempt us and demonstrations to watch.

All in all, a great day out with like minded people.

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