Wednesday, 25 March 2015

God is so good!

Last weekend was the annual Christian Women’s Convention which is in March each year. I used to go most years, but the last few years I have missed. Life has been a tad full, and this was put on the back burner. I had thought about going, but it sounded too exhausting so I decided not to go. But, it kept coming into my mind. And I kept saying I couldn’t.
The speakers for the convention were Isabel O’Neill from Queensland, and Emma Stokes, from New Zealand. Beautiful ladies, with great messages. The CWCI Adelaide committee do a fantastic job of organising this weekend each year, and this year is was the 50th year since the first convention in South Australia.
At Bible Study last Wednesday morning, we prayed about the weekend and the ladies who were going. But I still was not going. At the end of the meeting, one of our group stood up, looked at me, and said, that if I would go, she would go too! Now that was a challenge. We had no where to stay, it was only 2 days away, it might be too late. And then another friend said she would go too. Well, I had to say ok, and see if we could get somewhere to stay.20150321_07212220150321_072152
Looking back, I can see that God went before us all the way. We managed to get some fantastic accommodation, at a very reasonable price at the last minute. Lots of other things just fell into place. And then, when we were all booked, I went to the Post office, picked up my mail and there was an unexpected cheque for the exact amount that I would need for the weekend! God had intended for me to be at that weekend. And I have to say, that the speakers were fantastic, and had messages just for me. The singing was a special blessing, with hundreds of voices lifted high in praise.
And all the while our Lord was working on another prayer request that is heavy on my heart. An awesome time, and 4 tired, but revived ladies returned to Bordertown on Sunday afternoon.

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