Thursday, 26 February 2015

Reporting in again


I don’t know just where the days and weeks and months are disappearing to, and tomorrow is the last of another week! And another month rolls over again and March will be here on Sunday! I feel like the merry go round is going too fast, and I want to get off just for awhile.

This is what is on the machine at the moment, and you can see I have lots of SID in my future. I should have finished it by now, but the week has had it’s share of interruptions. I hope to be finished ready for a delivery on Tuesday. All lovely needle turn applique!


Recently I started to think about the fact that the written word is almost a rarity these days, as people send letters by email, and print things from the internet. If you want to find a recipe often we go and “google” it and print from the website, or save it on our computers in a folder somewhere. On another blog I read, the quilter always signs her name on the label so that future generations can see the actual handwriting, along with the date. I find it interesting to look at the handwriting, and try to imagine details about that person. The sending of greeting cards at birthdays and Christmas is not common anymore. In my recent decluttering and sorting I found lots of cards received over the years, including engagement, wedding, arrival of babies, special birthday and more. I found it great to go back and read them, and it was sometimes a reminder of people no longer with us. I have kept quite a few special cards.

So I have done some detective work and located the recipe books of both my grandmothers,that have been in safe keeping with various relatives.

I have scanned lots of pages of these books this week and saved them on my computer. I have also obtained written recipes from my mother, and dug out one of my books that I don’t write in very often these days.


Below is a page from my father’s mothers recipe book.


And this is from my mother’s mothers book.


I bought some large notebooks, and found various fabrics with pictures of various fruits and vegetables, and made a crazy patchwork cover. I even used the alphabet on my sewing machine for the book title. And now the recipes have been printed and glued into the pages of this book. (Quite a few of my family members will be receiving one of these books when their birthday rolls around!) There are 3 generations in so far, and hopefully when I send them on to the recipients they will add 1 or 2 more generations to the book. And maybe in years further on, another generation will be able to look at the book and wonder about the people who wrote the recipes. I know that school children are using IPads more and earlier than ever. Who know, do they even learn hand writing anymore?



I had another special delivery of fabric this week, ready to be put into Paper Bag Mystery quilts. If you might be interested in checking out Susanne’s ebay store where she is selling the stock from Val’s Mundulla store, go to

I shall put a link onto the sidebar of my blog when I can work out how to do that.


It was lovely to spend time with family this week, although the reason for the visit was not so good. Former school friends gathered this week to farewell one of their class members who died last week. A life cut short and a reminder that noone knows the number of days allotted to us.

Well I think it is time for sleep, as I have lots of the quilt to get done tomorrow. It is going to be hot again after a few nice days this week. I still have lots to do in the garden at The Sanctuary this week.

I am looking forward to the Statler Users Gathering in a week’s time. Still a space if any Statler owners want to come and join us.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

So lovely to have precious family recipes. My father in law has his grandmothers recipes for all sorts of farm problems eg ailing horses! My favorite though is my Great aunt's cook book which holds a recipe for Lion Stew....yep....not sure where we are ever going to find a Lion to eat!!

Susanne Simcock said...

I hope i'm one of those people lucky enough to receive a family recipe book for my birthday this year…. hint hint ;-) It looks great!

Yes it was nice visiting despite the circumstances. Life is very precious x

Jean McGee said...

Good to read about your activities and see the lovely material for the mystery bag weekend. The recipe books are just priceless and your family should be pleased to look at them because it gives an insight to the lives of the people who have written in them. Regards, Jean x

Susan Smith said...

Lovely post Judy. I've some hadwritten recipes of my mothers, but just on scraps of paper. Think I'll pop them into something safer now. I do have some recipes from my grandmother, but I've written them a long time ago. My Mum typed out her favourites, then threw a couple of books away that were very tattered. Now wish she hadn't. Thanks for making us think. Take care.