Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I am still here


Just checking in to let you know that I am working on quilts. Have a few deadlines to meet this week.

First up is a quilt made to showcase the fabrics from the Woodland Creatures range. If you would like some of these, you could contact Jennifer Meek at Nhill and I am sure she would be happy to help you.


And this is the beauty that I loaded today, and am gradually working my way through. I am stitching in the ditch on this one first and will come back to the blocks and borders, mainly because I am still thinking about what I shall quilt. Lorna does not want it heavily quilted and the border will be scalloped. Tomorrow morning I hope that it has ‘talked’ to me!


I said I would collect names from those who left me a comment for a week, and this is closed tonight. I have the names in a container, and tomorrow I expect a visitor or two and shall ask one of them to DRAW a name. I have succeeded in getting comments from quite a few who don’t usually have anything to say, so that has been great. Thankyou to all. Some comments were left on the blog, and some came by email, and one who reads, but does not email has sent a text message. Love to hear from you all. All will be revealed tomorrow, and I have found a few items for the giveaway.

I have been working on the designs of quilts for the Paper Bag Mystery, and sometimes it is difficult to find a fabric in the EQ library that is close in colour and pattern to the real fabric. So I decided that I really needed to get out the user manual and work out how to scan my actual fabrics. After a few tries, and with input from 2 friends who also use EQ, I have succeeded. This will make my pattern instructions look much better, so I am very happy. I also discovered a few things about my scanner that I did not know before. Amazing what you find when you “click” around in the programmes!

I have downloaded the latest update for Creative Studio to my Statler, and I look forward to another learning curve. All this modern technology does take some keeping up with.

The weather is heating up again and forecast to be in the 40’s on Saturday. Looks like early mornings watering, and then some quilting, and maybe a job by the air con in the afternoon.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Judy a friend told me she is part of a destash group online, people who want to sell some of their fabric they no longer want. Perhaps you might find some of your pink floral fabric that way? Just a thought, I guess you would have to goggle destash groups, otherwise perhaps facebook?