Thursday, 12 February 2015

A winner and a visit from the Angels!


As promised all the names of people who left comments during the last week were put into a draw. (Not a drawer, as I wrote the first time!!) The winner of this bundle of items is “Hellie”, who did make a google account for herself and left me a comment on the blog. Hellie often comments on what I have written, but usually it is verbal or email or text. I thank all those who “came out of the woodwork” and commented, as well as those who often leave me messages. I might do this again another time as this was fun.


Today was our monthly Gumnut Angels Sewing Day. We use donated scrap fabrics and make a quilt with them, to give to local people who are not well, or going through hard times, to let them know that someone cares. It was a good attendance today, for the first meeting of this year. There was lots of sewing, trimming, pressing, laying out of blocks happening. The laughter and banter was good to listen too. It was a bit tricky when there were several conversations happening at the same time, and you listened to one and thought it applied to you, and acted on it, and it was really meant for the other person! It was one of those, “you had to be there” moments.





Quite a few quilts were worked on today, some completed, and some still in progress. Now they just need to put some pressure on the quilter that does their quilts for them!

This quilter has passed the half way mark of the candlewicked quilt that I loaded yesterday. So you know what I shall be doing tomorrow. Smile

Blessings, From Jude


Hellie said...

Wow. I think it is what you call beginners luck. To all those whose comments I have been reading for a long time I am sorry that you missed out on the lovely prize. As Jude says,I am lovingly known as " the spelling police". Have followed the blog right from the start but just never got organised to leave a comment. What a lovely surprise when I did. Thanks Jude.

Jean McGee said...

Hi Judy, Jean McGee here, have read your blog a number of times and didn't know how to make a comment and have found out by accidents! Hope you are well and thanks for the updates on your daily life. Love and hugs, Jean

Susan Smith said...

Just catching up and it seems like the ladies had a very productive day. Val's shop certainly looks empty now from that shot on your last post, but I'll always remember it and the wonky floor. Keep cool in this heat and take care.

Joy McD said...

Isn't it lovely to sew for others and with others! Our little group is also doing some charity quilts although we are not in agreement about where they will end up!! xxx