Thursday, 5 February 2015

Just off the machine


I have had this quilt here for a few months now, and it was time this week to get it done. Some quilts just tell you how they need to be quilted straight away, but others just take a bit lot longer! (I was fortunate that the client kept telling me that there was no hurry!) I hung the quilt up behind my machine, where I can look at the quilts while I work, and hope that ideas will come. This one has been hanging for awhile, until I finally took it down and put it away after I had photographed it. That way no one had to know that it was still here?? But I printed the photo and have been auditioning ideas on it.  Sometimes I spend longer coming up with a design than I do on the actual quilting, (which is not ideal for the bank balance!)

There is a whole blank canvas in the centre of this top, and not a lot of colour except in the corners and the border. So I thought it needed something in the middle to take your eye to. I thought I would show you the before photo first, and hope you can see the difference.


I have used a light blue thread in the centre, and maybe it could have been darker, but I did not want it to shout too loudly as the quilt colours are soft. Second photo is the quilt hanging up, and the third is the quilt on the bed with the light coming across so that you see the quilting much better.



It is due for delivery tomorrow, so hope that Sue likes what I have done. Most ladies just leave their tops here with little instructions, although I do have a couple that tell me exactly what they want quilted. I Sue did give me some guidelines to help with ideas.

Our power went off this afternoon, without warning, and it’s then that you realise just how dependant we are on electricity. I was able to use my laptop on battery for awhile. I was in the process of downloading the latest software update to my Statler and had almost finished when all the lights went out. I was very thankful when the power came on a couple of hours later, and the update went smoothly and all seems to be working without any problems. Have loaded another custom Christmas quilt with lots of needleturn applique. I am keen to try out some of the new features in the program.

The weather has been so mild this summer, except for a couple of rather hot days up to 46. But mostly we have had glorious days, with temperatures from 20 through to about 30. The forecast for the next week is for more hot, and up to 40 for a few days next week. I feel exhausted just thinking about that. I have been spending time in the cool early mornings attacking my cottage garden, which has got a bit unruly and very “uncottagey”!? But with a hot spell coming, I shall cease cutting back until the next cool spell and concentrate on the watering.

Thanks to those who have left me comments from the last post, and also to the “spelling police”, who correct my mistakes in the blog posts. I shall continue to add further comments to the DRAW for the next week. Meanwhile I better find something nice for the giveaway!

Blessings, From Jude


Hellie said...

Good job Jude.

Susan Smith said...

Looks lovely now quilted and the saying, "it's not a quilt till it's quilted", definitely is right. Take care.

Christina said...

Absolutely beautiful.