Sunday, 6 July 2014

The next instalment


It’s time for another update on what’s been happening this week. The weather has been wet and cold, and I am thankful for a warm house, and inside work to do. The wood shed is getting low, so I need to order some more soon. There is something about sitting in front of a wood burning fire and watching the flames.

Below is Kath’s quilt, which I custom quilted recently. And all that plain fabric was just asking for feathers!



Two of my family have been moving house this week, and I am thinking of them doing that in the midst of a cold and wet week. There have been the usual dramas with moving house, like appliances that don’t work etc. and settlement has been delayed on one house, but hopefully will happen soon. I hope that they are both very happy in their new (to them) abodes. I tried to get photos from the real estate site, but both have been removed.

And just to finish my posting, I will warn you, and remind myself, to always open a glass sliding door, before you try to walk through it! It might have looked very funny this week when I tried to walk through a closed sliding glass door, but I can tell you that my nose is very very sore, and lucky not to be broken!! Sad smile

Must be time to get busy for the day, have a quilt to finish off, and lots happening this week preparing for next weekend. I am looking forward to spending some time with my 3 granddaughters at The Sanctuary. As the Christmas in July retreat is happening at the end of July, we are having our own Christmas in July before that.

Hope you are staying warm if you live in the south, and maybe you need a cool spot if you are in the north. Do hope my American readers are enjoying their Independence Day celebrations.

Blessings, From Jude

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virtualquilter said...

Love Kath's quilt ... both her work and the feathers. Great combination.

In regards to the door, you should let the door get dirty so you can always see it clearly! Hope it gets better soon, though from experience with hitting something solid with an eye, it could take a while. At least hope you see some interesting colour combinations in the mirror!