Sunday, 29 June 2014

The last week


Before I get queries from certain people about my lack of posting, I better update you on the past week. I am having a slow start to my Sunday morning, sitting here by the heater in my dressing gown.

It has been a very wet and windy week, which I guess is expected as we are in the middle of winter, and a week past the shortest day of the year.

First up is a photo of my pumpkin harvest. I planted these a bit late in the season, and some are still coloured a bit green, so not sure if they will ripen or not, and some are a bit tiny. The bushes had all dried off, and I did not think I should leave them out in this wet weather, so here they all are, stored in the shed. I found an old screen door which I propped up on some timber and they all fitted on there. I think there will be quite a bit of pumpkin soup coming up! And the second photo is of broccoli and kale. I had not been into the vegie patch for awhile, so was surprised to see the broccoli. But not surprised to see that the weeds are running rampant, so there’s another job that needs doing soon.



This quilt was made by Kerry for a wedding gift, and the centre was quilted with an all over pattern called Hearts a Flutter. The border was finished with a feather design, and I love the texture that this has given. Kerry finished her quilt in a hurry and did not measure the borders, and just sewed the strips on. Thus there was some fullness in her border, but the feather pattern just “sucked” it all up nicely.


The first border for our group’s Head for the Border project is due to be completed in a week, so nothing like a deadline to get something done! The first border was to include square in a square, and this is what I came up with. I had a few options worked out in EQ7, and changed my mind a few times. My main challenge was to get the centre part into a square. The rose blocks are not square, they are a hexagon shape, and you can see I put a spacer in the centre and then a border right around the centre. I don’t have much of the dark pink, so am trying to limit the use of this, and needed to introduce some different fabrics to take me through the next borders. I have been unable to match this pink so far, so hope that I have enough of the pinks and greens to get through the rest of the quilt. I am quite happy with it so far, but a long way to go. I can see it will be challenge to get it all to work together, and there are some design options in the tin, which I hope are not pulled out!


I have a quilt to make for someone which has been sitting around and needed to have some progress made on it. So yesterday was the day, and below you can see the bottom 2 rows all pieced together, and below that the top 3 rows all laid out ready to be stitched. As it was laid out on my bed I needed to shift it last night, so just rolled it up in the top quilt, and as there is no shortage of quilts in this house, found another one to put on the bed. I had probably been a bit ambitious thinking that I would get the whole top stitched together yesterday, but the thought did cross my mind! (The squares had all had there cream sashes stitched). Maybe today it will happen?? Then I will need to work out how wide the borders need to be for it to fit the bed it is intended for. After this is finished, I have another commission quilt to make, this time in all white fabrics.



Below is another project which had been hanging over my head, and needed to be done. The squares had all been made into blocks during the June long weekend UFO retreat. It could have been a quicker project if I had not put the square blocks into the sashing, but decided that it probably needed it and I had most of them cut out. The centre pictures in the blocks are from a fabric range called the Fast Ladies (they are all driving cars), and were given to me by Alison of Canterbury Quilts for the Pink Retreat weekend in September, so I decided that they could be made into a raffle quilt. I know that the quilt is not all pink, but had to go with the colours in the blocks. I am not sure if Fast Ladies is quite the right title, so I think I am going with Girls Having Fun. Just hope that the quilter can get her act together and get this done soon, and then I will be selling some tickets. I will have more details later, and would love to hear from you if you are interested in a fun weekend, hosted by Michele Hill, from September 20-22, to raise funds for Breast Cancer Network. Am starting the collection of “pink” things to auction during the weekend.


I have also spent some time in the kitchen this week, making pumpkin, and chicken and veg soup. Amazing just what you find in the bottom of the fridge which can be used up in soup. I sorted out the freezer as well, and found out just what was in the bottom. Am planning the menu for a couple of retreats coming up, so a bit more time in the kitchen will be happening this week.

It has been lovely to spend time at my sewing machine this week, and it sure feels good to finish off some projects. There has been so many things going around in my head, it all gets a bit stressful sometimes and I don’t know where to start. So feels great to actually cross some things off my list!

That’s all for now,

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Wow, you have been busy. It is cold here too, with lots of rain and I've hardly been outside so far this weekend. Lovely quilts and it must be great to get some "ordinary" sewing done. Hope the coming retreats go well. Take care.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You are one busy lady! I am currently adding my last and final border to our group challenge; looks like you are off to a grand start and enjoying yours... isn't it fun? All your quilts are simply wonderful, as always!

Christina said...

Wow! You have certainly been a whirlwind of activity Jude. Wonderful that you got to sew some of your own quilts. I know how rarely you get to do that.

I love the "Ladies Having Fun" quilt. I think I will need a few tickets when they go on sale.

Sue SA said...

The pumpkins look gorgeous all laid out. Your did well in the vegie patch, lovely broccoli - something ate mine! I am hoping my snow peas are still on the vine, the wind has been so bad!
The raffle quilt is fun and I will be sure to buy some tickets when we drive through on our next trip. Great work on the feathered border, I particularly like this feather with the straight lines as well. You do work wonders!