Monday, 23 June 2014

EQ7 Retreat


I better get busy and post a report of the EQ7 weekend with Judy B, the Virtual Quilter, before it turns into old news. It was another great time of learning, sharing and creating. The class is a small one so that Judy B can give each person individual attention. This is the third class that I have been there for, and as I am not there all the time, due to catering committments, I do miss some parts. But each time I am learning more, and am working on some more designs for the Paper Bag Mystery weekend. Another one has been planned for October, more details to come later.

All eyes are focused on the screen as Judy shows them some of the amazing features of this programme.


I think this lady was very surprised at what ended up on her screen, and thought she might call it “and I was sober!” I look forward to seeing this being made into a “real” quilt.


Not too sure about what is on this screen, don’t think it was part of EQ7! I think she was “resting” the brain?


And this lady just raced ahead in leaps and bounds, and has only had the programme for a couple of weeks! This is an image of a lizard on the screen, (well the top part of it that you can see), and she traced around this and it will become part of a quilt real soon I think.


The usual group photo, to add to the photo frames on the walls.


And relaxing in front of the fire, after 2 days of solid work on their computers. The weather turned rather wild on Sunday evening and it was a wild and wet night.


It was lovely to meet some new ladies who travelled from Adelaide for the weekend, thankyou for coming. The beds are remade, the house is cleaned, the washing all done and time to get back to some quilting this week. And as it’s the last week of the financial year, some bookwork will be happening too.

Hope you had a great weekend, whatever you were doing. Catch ya again soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Just doing some catchup and wow you've certainly been busy. I'm going to the Melbourne show on Friday with DD. I've been out of the loop for a couple of weeks, due to family matters. Take care.