Sunday, 2 December 2012


I have not been too worried about doing a blog posting this week, for one thing I did not have any quilting to show, and had not taken any photos of my daughter while she was here.
This weekend I have had 3 people comment that there had been no update, and wondered if things were ok. And when I said that I had no photos to show, the gorgeous Faye said to photograph the mush!
Susanne spent 9 days with me, and left for Melbourne on the Overland Train on Friday. Bet she will be glad for a rest, as she worked hard while here!   Below is the stockpile in my freezer of mush to last me a long while.

And this is for you Faye, a photo of my lunch, Zuchinni, Basil and Parmesan Soup. It tastes much better than it looks, sorry for the blurry photo.

And below is the most used appliance in this house at the moment.
Its amazing how creative you can be to make mushy food. I must say though, that I am missing the crunch!

And just a shot of my cupboards after the big declutter! Amazing how much room there is now, and I can actually see everything. Shall we see just how long it lasts?

I have spent the week quietly doing admin stuff, sorting out papers that needed throwing out, we have filled the bins this week. Feels good to offload, but still a lot needs doing yet.
Part of the week was rather hot, temps up to 42deg on Thursday, so good to stay indoors.
Recovery is going well, and might get back to a little bit of easy quilting this week. If I did not have the computerized machine, I would not even contemplate it.
At this time of the year, when everyone seems to be rushing here and there, and attending end of year functions, and I am usually trying to finish quilts before Christmas, it is quite nice to be taking it quieter. As I am not driving yet, it's a good excuse to stay home.

That's all from me, do hope you have a good week, whatever you will be doing.

From Jude
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jfoster8 said...

I hope your recovery is a speedy one...take care..Jan

Furball Farm Quilting said...

I've always wanted to try out that soup......... but only in the cooler weather. I hope your enjoying the recovery Jude, it's nice not to be rushing around, especially this time of the year. Take care of yourself, the quilts can wait.!