Monday, 17 December 2012

My weekend

I have just had the best weekend, stayed home, and sewed. It seems so long since I played with my machine, too long. For Christmas, our family put the names in the hat thing, and I have to buy for my niece this year, and trying to decide what I should get, I decided that maybe I should put some of this fabric stash to use and make her a bag! So the second photo down you can see the bag (the handles are hanging at the back).
Then decided that maybe I should make a journal cover to match, so I did.
By this time the mind is ticking over, and maybe I shall make more journal covers. This Wednesday, our Bible Study group are having a breakfast together. So you can see these in the first photo. I have had my sewing machine for quite a number of years, and never touched the alphabet, and now I have. The girls names are on the front and on the spine I have sewn MY JOURNAL.

And the photo below is what my sewing area looks like at the moment. I changed the layout of the tables and had everything close by. I love to fiddle around with different threads and embellishing. And a good chance to try out all those fancy stitches on the machine. Guess you have worked out by now that I enjoyed myself.

I have a really long list of projects not finished after doing lots of workshops in the last few years, and have been wanting to get some of these done, and when I had some time, what did I do, not these projects, but started something new!! But I will definitely be sitting at that chair again very soon. Just what the doctor ordered!?
And speaking of doctors, I am off to the specialist tomorrow for my 4 week check since surgery.
Am being driven to Adelaide by some good friends and while there we will be having lunch with some more good friends, one of which has a birthday tomorrow. Can't wait for that either.
Will check in again after my trip.
I have been doing some edge to edge quilts, photos to come. My time out from work has gone so quick and I only have crossed half the jobs off that I wanted to do.
Time for bed, an early start in the morning, but was reminded today about no blog post for over a week, so thought I better make this a priority. ( also needed new batteries for my camera!).
Enjoy your time, whatever you are up to.
From Jude
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jfoster8 said...

Lovely that you got to play and sew....all the best for Christmas and New Year

Sue SA said...

Nice crazy quilting, what lovely gifts for your friends. HOpe doctors report is good.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Good to see that you made the most of your "time off from work". I think most of us quilters have the same problem.......... we do workshops, but never seem to find the time to put those skills learned into practice! You've done some amazing presents, and I love the look of your sewing area. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year Jude. Fingers crossed your checkup gives you the all clear!