Thursday, 27 September 2012

Tricia's quilt

Almost another week has gone, and its awhile since I posted any quilt photos, and I have a backlog to show you over time. Gotta get back to some serious work now that the Pink weekend is only a memory. (But what a memory!)

These are photos of Tricia's dresden quilt, all needleturned applique. Must say that's NOT in my immediate future. Maybe one day when I am old and looking for something to do. At the moment I am a machine girl! But I admire anyone who does needlework. My fingers are all thumbs when I have needle and thread, and bindings are as far as I go (and they are not tiny stitches either!)

Am looking forward to a trip to the AMQF this weekend, to do some classes and check out the vendors and the quilts. Only doing a day trip, so it's a lot to fit in one day. But its all I could manage this year. Will be good to catch up with other machine quilters as well.
Am doing 2 Statler classes and 1 Background fills with Renae Haddadin, which should be great.
Better go and finish the last 2 sides of the binding of the Candlewicked quilt, which I shall tell you about in another blog.
Have done quite a few jobs today that I have ignored for ages, but comes the time when you need to do them before you can concentrate on whats next. Mundane stuff like sweeping up leaves, folding up washing, vacuuming, washing the car and putting things away. And sewing binding.
Tomorrow is another day, and another quilt to load.
Hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you are planning. In South Australia it is a long weekend, with a holiday on Monday, which I think is for Labour Day (??) And also the middle weekend of the school holidays. Spring is here, the weather is lovely, grass is growing (and the weeds), the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing.

Enough waffle from me,
From Jude
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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely, lovely. lovely! Tricia's quilt is SEW pretty, well done!

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Love the Dresdens! They never "date", looking good either in traditional fabrics, and just as nice in the modern. Enjoy your day at AMQF, you'll be one very tired lady by the end of the day.