Monday, 3 September 2012

Bedford quilts Mystery revealed

IMG_4679I think this is Jocelyns, I quilted black cats in rows across the quilt, will try and post a photo in another blog so that you can see this, sometimes the back of the quilt is striking also.
Below is the photo of the black cats walking across Jocelyns quilt. (She loves cats and often brings a special treat for the cat that lives here, which my daughter left when she moved away.) I suppose I should call Gypsy my cat now, as Susanne left quite a few years ago!

Marie made her quilt much larger and fits nicely on a queen bed. Quilted with butterflies.

This is Linda’s quilt, made longer to fit a bed she has.
And someone changed the layout and did her own thing!! No names of course.
This is Helens, and the blues and reds came out in hers.
Jeans was more blue also.

These are photos of completed Bedford Mystery quilts that have been quilted recently. I have been waiting for permission to reveal them and finally you can see how each person has made them just a bit different.
Thankyou to Michele for your help today, in trying to work out the best way to publish to blogspot. Hopefully I have found a quicker method now and don’t have to wait ages for the photos to upload.
Better go and get ready for a meeting tonight, have a couple of reports to do.
Enjoy your week,
Blessings, From Jude

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