Monday, 24 September 2012

“IN THE PINK” weekend


Well, what a weekend we have had. Fantastic company, lots of laughs and great fun.


Spring has turned on lots of pink in the garden and looked fabulous.


Pink ladies and balloons sent from the BCNA, added a festive touch.


Pats pink floral arrangements of flowers from the farm arranged in my late grandmothers pink vase, a memory from my childhood.


The sewing tables all set up, with pink goodie bags and our hats for the weekend. And  the pink quilt that I made, which was the raffle prize won by a lady who supported the weekend from a few thousand kilometres away. Thankyou Helen, hope you enjoy the PINK quilt.


The back garden with a few pink flowers. The weather for the weekend alternated from sunny on Friday, windy and warm Saturday, to rather cold and intermittent showers on Sunday.


The arrivals from the city, checking out their goody bags and settling in with their sewing machines. Thankyou girls for coming and being such great fun and all your help. One of these ladies just “slithers” around, and likes to just tidy things up!!!! (And she calls on her “understudies” when there is a need somewhere!!!) Just delightful.


These are all the goodies that were donated by lots of lovely people for the weekend. So after lots of thought about what to do with them all, I made pink money (by printing on the computer and laminating and then cutting them out). And then put there “money” into little pink purses. And we had lots of auctions, where they bid for the items with their “money”. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed this. And when they ran out of the play money, they put in real money if they wanted something else!


Teacher Lois, showing Raelene how to do something to her bag. Not sure where Raelene’s pink fabric was, but she did put a pink flower on later.


Saturday evening I asked the girls to “dress” for dinner, and this is their photo, ( Pat was absent). Just notice Bev’s pink check shoes, Lois’s pink sox, Dame Edna’s (aka Pauline!) glasses, which had to go soon as she couldn’t see a thing! And of course Val’s pink gloves from the Op shop. Raelene chose to stitch pink ribbons onto her shirt.All very fashionable, weren’t they? So thankyou girls for the effort you went to. It added to the fun.


And this is Sunday afternoon in the back veranda for afternoon tea. The wind played havoc with the cloths, so Raelene came to the rescue and tied the cloths on each corner.


Above and below, Raelene’s creative touch with the plastic pink bows and flowers.




The helpers in the kitchen preparing afternoon tea for about 25 guests.


Some of the pink food, thankyou to all who cooked and helped.


Our sewing efforts for the weekend, pink (well mostly) bags. And below all the bags hanging on the lattice, which had to be rescued soon after from the rain that came.



Guests having afternoon tea and being entertained by my neighbour who played his guitar and sang.


All in all, it was a great weekend. We all made new friends and laughed lots. And at the same time raised over $1,000 for the Breast Cancer Network Australia. This will go to support those who are affected with Breast Cancer, and help provide Breast Care Nurses in the hospitals. It has been 4 years since my diagnosis and treatment, and I was helped by the BCNA. Remember to always have mammograms, as they really do pick up very small lumps, and don’t ignore any symptoms.


From Jude.

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