Thursday, 13 September 2012

This week’s update

Thought is was time for another blog posting before I get a message that its a week since I did, and was I ok? The time is just flying by so fast this year.
Below are photos of Jenny’s quilts, the first the fabric was so busy its hard to see the quilting, so the back shows up better.
And this is another from Jenny, and photo of the back as well.
And below is what I have been working on in between quilts. “In the Pink” retreat is coming up fast, and I have made journal covers for the girls coming. Quilted a large piece of pink fabric on the quilting machine, then cut the covers and appliqued the pink lady on the front. This photo is for the lady who looked at my blog last week, thinking she might see something about the pink weekend and was disappointed. Hope you’re looking this week Jocelyn! Am so looking forward to next weekend, will tell you more about it next time.

On another subject, I made a quick trip to the city (which is 3 hours away) this week for an appointment, which was south of the city. So after checking the map I decided to take a “short cut” and turn off the freeway and go through the hills directly to the south and dodge the city traffic. I knew that the road would be very narrow and windy. Of all the trips I have made to Adelaide, I had never gone this way before. It was a beautiful spring day, the weather was calm, the trip was lovely, blue sky, green crops in the paddocks, yellow wattle blossoms on the trees, yellow canola crops, a perfect spring day. I wound the window down and enjoyed the spring smells. Was wishing I had taken the camera. After my exit from the freeway I enjoyed my drive through the hills, and it was just as well I had plenty of time, as I took a wrong turn and did not quite end up where I thought I should. And then on the way back, I thought I was going back the same way, but some how I was on the road I thought I had been on in the morning, and then did not take the right turn back to the highway and had a lovely long drive through country I had never been on before. ( And I have lived in this state for all of my years). But because I had plenty of time and it was a lovely spring day I just kept driving and had a great day. Perhaps the message here is that maybe I should get off the beaten track more often!
Hope you are enjoying your week, whatever you are doing,
From Jude

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