Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Have been absent from home

Last night I returned from a few days in the big city (well Adelaide is not really such a big city), left in the pouring rain on Friday morning, and came home late afternoon yesterday. Was reminded again how close spring is when I saw all the wattle flowering on the sides of the highway. And the canola crops in the paddocks coming into flower all made for a great yellow display. My photography  is not the best, and it was late afternoon, but you get the idea.
The season closer to the city is further on than here at Bordertown, as we are further south and a bit later. Have not seen much sunshine lately, but have had good rains around this area, will check out how much rain we had later. As long as we get finishing rains in September the farmers should be happy, but its a long way yet until the harvest is in the silo.

While in Adelaide I spent time with family, and below is one my grandsons, having a good time in a large box. Amazing how such simple things can be fun, although he does love his tractors and trucks.

Well it must be time to get back to work after my time off, get the fire going again, and start on another quilt.
Have a weekend at The Sanctuary coming up, the Statler Users Gathering, which I am looking forward too.

I still am unable to edit or publish from blogspot, all my icons are greyed out, so if anyone can help me with a fix, I would be glad to hear from you.

So hope you enjoy your week, whatever you are doing,
Blessings, From Jude 
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