Monday, 30 July 2012

More quilts

More photos of recent quilting, sometime in July.
Seem to be running out of blog titles and different ways to say more quilts! Maybe I shall title the blog just by the date instead. Seems like a good idea that I shall have to try.

This quilt was given to me by Lois, to be used on the beds at The Sanctuary, and has sat in the quilting
pile for almost a year. Thankyou Lois, I have got to the bottom of that pile at last.
Still more quilt photos to show another day. And hopefully soon I shall be allowed to show that latest Bedford quilts, as the mystery is coming to a close.
Better get back to the machine, am on a mission to finish some custom quilting this week.
I had a slack attack on the weekend, spent time with my daughter, home briefly from Melbourne,
and spent a fair amount of time sitting in front of the fire and reading! I know I shouldn't start
a book, as I will ignore the world until I have finished. But the weather is so cold at the moment, that I shall make the most of sitting by the fire in the warm. I just love the heat from a slow combustion heater, and it just warms the whole house.

Have a good week, whatever you are doing.
From Jude
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Marilyn Popplewell said...

Great quilts and quilting, Jude. And how special to have a quilt quilted for your Sanctuary room. Wow sitting by the fire sounds great, but not until December for us. It is still in the 90's here and we still need rain badly, atleast in our area. Thanks for sharing and don't feel bad about taking the time to enjoy reading a book. Have a great week. Blessings, Marilyn