Thursday, 26 July 2012

More Christmas in July

This is Faye, trying to look industrious! She was such a lovely teacher,
thankyou Faye for coming.

My 83 year old neighbour is a very good singer, and came to play his guitar
and sing some Christmas songs to us. Not sure what Faye was trying to tell him
by holding up the rotary cutter??

Vickie and Valda.
For our Christmas dinner on Saturday evening, most of us dressed
in red or green, and wore the red hats with tinsel. Made it more fun.

Heather, Faye, Mignon, Linda and Sylvia

The table all set for dinner, roast turkey and pork,
roast vegetables and vege bake, followed by Christmas pudding!
With a few drinks of course, and then Santa gave out the Christmas stockings, and one
lucky lady got an extra pressie too! (But what happens at retreat, stays at retreat, so better not tell about that one!)

Faye and Mignon

Judy, Heather, Vicki and Val

Mignon, Pat and Pauline
relaxing after dinner, doing some handwork.

It is great to see ladies from different areas come to The Sanctuary,
and watch them get to know each other. The common interest of quilting starts the conversation, and this is usually followed by more sharing of personal stories.
And there's usually someone that understands where you are "at" or has been there too.
It is my hope for The Sanctuary to continue to be a place to come and relax, take time out, to share,
to relate to each other, and lets not forget a place to create as well.
Thankyou all for a great weekend.

From Jude
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