Friday, 13 July 2012

An update

I have just realised that it is 2 weeks since I have posted an update, so better get back to it.
It has been a very busy 2 weeks.
I have spent some time away with family, and had family here as well, which is always lovely.
I have attended 2 funerals, which was very sad. I estimate close to 1,000 people at one of those,
and blue balloons were released into the sky which was pretty awesome to watch.
I have also attended a birthday lunch with friends, and another coffee treat for a friends birthday.
And  yesterday I had a day surgery procedure, the results of which are yet to be decided.
And in between all of that, not much quilting has happened, although I do have a custom on the machine in the process of being done. Hopefully today will get closer to the end of that.
And then I need to start thinking about Christmas, because next weekend it is
"Christmas in July" at The Sanctuary. Have been finding the Christmas decorations, and the Christmas puddings are all ready, just hope that Santa finds his way ok, I probably should let him know that he won't be able to come down the chimney, because we will have a fire burning to warm up the house!

Below are photos of 3 quilts done recently (not in the last 2 weeks thats for sure!)

Well I think I better get to the shower and make like I am going to do some work today.
Could get used to sitting around in my dressing gown all day in front of the heater.
The weather has been very wintery, with abundant rain. We are very blessed.
I know its very cold, but our homes are warm and so many have much less.

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