Wednesday, 23 May 2012

On a mission

Most of the trees around here are evergreen, so this one caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. It is by the driveway of The Sanctuary, and at the moment it has lost a lot of those leaves, and today has been very windy, so the neighbours have quite a few in their yards. I spent some time last sunday raking up the ones on the driveway, I normally like to leave the leaves as mulch, but on the driveway they get rather sticky when its wet. But the forecast rain has not eventuated, much to the farmers dismay, as its getting rather dry here and an opening rain is overdue. Another windy day and I wont need to rake any up! All this talk about the weather shows that just because I now live in the town, I do have a bit of "farm" blood in me, having grown up on a farm, and been farming for most of my married life. I guess the whole economy of a rural area relies on the farmers having a good season.

My blog title of On a mission, refers to this week and getting lots of quilting done so that I can have the weekend off. Our local group is going on its annual retreat to Pendleton Farm, a camp site about 30 minutes from here. This year we are doing the Bedford Mystery quilt, ( and the lovely Faye and her assistants are coming from Adelaide for the weekend to help us along and make sure we sew it correctly (isn't that right Faye?!)
Should be a good weekend, although the weather is going to be cold, but there is a wood heater, so it should be cosy.

Well, I think that the last row of the quilt is finished, so its time for bed. Have quite a few quilt photos to show you next week, after I have had a couple of days to sew just for me! Not sure if I can remember how to switch my machine on, it seems like such a long time since I did.
So will catch you again next week, with lots of photos of the weekend.

Enjoy your week,
Blessings from Jude

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