Thursday, 24 May 2012

And the rain came

After my post yesterday bemoaning the lack of rain, today is a different story. Thankyou Lord. It has rained steadily all day and is still coming down. And guess who should have had some gutters cleaned out before this!!

And yes this is another Kelmscott quilt, have lost count of how many I have quilted. Am starting to want one of my own, but alas the time factor won't work! This customer wanted it quilted so that it was still warm and cuddly, as winters are very cold where it is going.
The Quilters Guild of SA have a Kelmscott quilt for their exhibition raffle quilt this year, very generously donated by Michele Hill, and I am wondering just how many raffle tickets I need to buy for a good chance to win the quilt? There are 5,000 tickets, so how many should I get? Any ideas?

I have churned out quite a few edge to edge quilts this week, and today I have even done one of my own. So I can go away for a weekend retreat at Pendleton with a clear conscience and might even get some binding stitched as well. Tomorrow I need to pack some gear and give my sewing machine a good clean out and a new needle, now where did I put it ......?

And I noticed the blog counter has ticked just over 5,000 page views, I am amazed, thankyou to those who check in on me and welcome if you have just joined up.

Catch you next week,
From Jude

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