Monday, 4 November 2019

Recent happenings................

Firstly, my apologies for a lack of blog posts lately. You might think I have been sitting idly by, but no. And the longer it went without a post, the easier it was to let time go by. Last night I finally sat down with the computer to remedy the situation, and after "some time" had elapsed I must have pressed the wrong key, and it all disappeared!!!!!!!! By that time I was too tired to do it again, so tonight I am having another go, and I might tell you that I am hitting the Save key often. 


Usually I can rely on my Mum to call and see what's up if I have not posted for "awhile". But this time, my mum is without her internet and holidaying in Queensland. This photo is my mum in the middle, with her younger (80 years old) sister on the left, and her older brother (almost 93 years old) on the right. They are in Rockhampton where we have a lot of relations, and so there has been a lot of family gatherings while they are away.


I joined a few friends for a Sunday afternoon at the local Cinema to see Downton Abbey, which we all enjoyed.

Raylene and I enjoyed some time in Keith recently, while my car was being serviced. We had 2 hours to wander the shops, and enjoy a coffee, (and there might have been cake too), and tried to take a selfie. I think I still need some practice at this.


............... to spend some time with DD3 and her family. One of the great parts of modern technology are video calls with family. Miss Billie "talks" to me most weeks, so she "knows" who I am and there is no "getting to know you" time. I took a new doll for her, so that she has her own baby to look after, just like mummy has.

This little Mister looks so cozy all tucked up with mum, and this enables mum to have another set of arms.

                                 Say cheese....................................

Going shopping is not as simple as it once was, and Jett stays comfy in his capsule from the car, and Miss Billie rides alongside, although facing the other way.

I tied to tell myself that he smiled at me, although only 4 weeks old!!?? But you have to admit that I did have his attention! He is growing so fast, and the next time I meet him will be Christmas, when he will be almost 3 months!!

Miss Billie was keen to "help" me in the kitchen.


DS and family have recently holidayed in Queensland, and sent me these photos.................

................and then they went to Melbourne last weekend to meet the new baby, and sent me this pic of 2 cousins having some fun. Miss Billie loves to play with other children.


As I reported in a previous post, my phone had "died" a few days before the exhibition!! Thankfully a friend lent me her phone, and my SIM card was put into that. Apparently my contacts list had not been saved to anything. But at least I had mobile contact, and the use of Google Maps for my trip to Melbourne. It was interesting getting messages from people and having to ask who they were! The phone company promised to send me a satchel to return the phone to them for warranty repairs, and I waited patiently impatiently. It did not arrive before I went to Melbourne, and the housesitter said she wore out the path to the letterbox waiting for it to arrive. When I arrived home I decided that it was time to visit the phone company office in Murray Bridge and get some action?? It's probably good that I did not get too angry because it only took 5 minutes for him to sort the problem out. Would you believe that my phone "died" because I had a faulty charger, and the battery was flat?? Lesson learned, try a second charger next time, and back up your details somewhere!! Perhaps that goes with saving the blog post often??? I did miss the camera on the phone for taking photos of family and the quilt show.

And it wasn't a compete wasted trip as Jean and I enjoyed some shopping, and I visited my brother, and my Dad, and had a lovely day out together.


................I had the pleasure of these visitors last weekend, and here they are in the park Sunday morning after a visit to the bakery.

GD3, on the right, has just returned home from a school trip to China, (thanks to facebook for this photo), and I was able to see all her photos and hear about her amazing experience. Thanks Miss B.


Meanwhile, in the garden, the weeds are prolific and high, and needed to be gone. Thankfully we have had some rain this week, and it has made pulling them out much easier. I won't post pictures of the back yard vegie patch, but I can tell you that it is starting to look better. Next week, I hope to plant some summer vegies, and the watering will start in earnest.

After I pulled some weeds this morning, I did notice there was a bit of colour in the garden, so took these photos....................... I think there might be some flowers happening on this plant soon??..................

.............and notice that the photos are all closeup so you can't see the weeds behind!? And we had just had a shower of rain, so the raindrops also feature.

This honeysuckle is just starting to flower, so the perfume out the laundry door will be amazing in a few days time.


...........There has been a holiday for Max for 3 weeks, as it's that long since he finished a quilt, but rest assured I have not been idle. Since I returned from Melbourne I have been sitting at the computer with EQ8, scanning fabrics, cutting and packing all these cases. The next Mystery retreat starts on Friday, and as usual I have left it to the last minute.

Today I have started Max up again, and finished 2 edge to edge quilts. This afternoon we had a committee meeting to discuss the exhibition and the results.

I debated long and hard about posting this photo, but if you have persevered and read to the end, then you deserve a laugh!! This is me, sleeping on the job, the afternoon that I arrived in Melbourne. Perhaps it tells a story, about how tired I was after the time leading up to the exhibition and packing it all up, and then driving 6 hours. (Thanks (??) to DD3 for taking this.)

I am not normally a hayfever sufferer, but have been fighting with the sneezes and runny nose for a few days, so do hope that it goes away sometime very soon.

Time for bed, thanks for checking in on me, and hope to be back sooner next time.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Everyone deserves a nap after a six hour drive and coping with the traffic in Melbourne! Your new grandie is very cute, so glad you got some lovely family time post exhibition.

Raylene Edwards said...

Anyone would end up exhausted, on the lounge, snoring gently, mouth open, & baby grandie sleeping soundly balanced on your lap after days running yourself ragged! Plus the drama of the phone may have all led to you feeling “Under the Weather”. Take Care & Breathe. 🤧

Joy McD said...

What a lovely catchup post! You’ve been super busy, but some lovely outings you’ve had. Love that last pic 😀 xx