Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Where is time going??

Once again it is over a week since I have posted any newsfromjude. Before my mother phones me to check up if I am ok, I better post some news. Another friend commented recently that there had not been many quilt photos on my blog recently, so maybe I should remedy that. And looking back into the files, I find a few from April, so time for them to come out.

There has been so much "other" happening here at Number 8, you might think that there is no quilting happening, but here they are, and still more to come later.

This pretty floral quilt is made by Jenny, and quilted all over with a rose and leaf pattern.

This was made by Pauline for a friend's birthday and quilted allover with Pearl. I heard that the friend was very happy with her gift.

Joan is having a clear out, and found this panel from "long, long ago". It was not easy to find border fabric in the similar tones. This was quilted allover with flowers and hearts.

A quilt made by Kerryn, and quilted allover with a star pattern.

Kath made this drunkards path quilt, and as the fabric was oriental, it was quilted all over with Gingko.

 Another quilt made by Jenny to use up her good stash of scraps, and quilted with an over pattern.

This pretty quilt was made by Jill, and had some lovely embroidery on the flowers. I should have taken a closeup photo I think. This quilt was very simply custom quilted.

Sue made this quilt for a grandchild, who should be very happy with it.

I have spent the last couple of days sitting at the desk, trying to get my bookwork in order, before the end of the financial year, which is NEXT WEEK!  If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember that I got "a lot" behind a few years ago, and I said I would not do that again. Well, you should never say never! The last year has been so hectic, that once again I let it lapse. So this week it is catch up time! I think I am making progress, but sometimes it is tricky trying to work out just why I transferred that amount and match up amounts. So please remind me to keep up to date next year!!

Last weekend it was Embellished quilts classes, and we had a lovely group of ladies working here in the warm. A few new ones started, so I am looking forward to watching them make their quilts. And there are still a few quietly working away on their quilts over time. I will post photos soon.

And this weekend is the first one for about 5 weeks, that nothing is planned. But I have  a plan, (if I get up to date with the bookwork), to sit by the fire in the lounge with my feet up and read a book and watch a DVD. I am getting closer to that balance I have been striving for. I think I have pushed myself for quite a few months now, since the sale of The Sanctuary, the subsequent move, the renos happening here and keeping up with the quilting, and the retreats. I am starting to get a bit weary.

 Catch you again soon.

From Jude.


Pauline Clark said...

Lovely Quilts.Yes my friend was very happy with her Quilt. Thanks Judy. It is the quilting that makes the difference to the finishing of the Quilt.x

Susan Smith said...

Lovely to see a post pop up full of quilts that look great. Hope the bookwork goes well, then, yes sit in the warmth of the fire and rest a bit. Take care.