Saturday, 11 June 2016


I have just realised that the last posting yesterday was Post number 600. Bit of a milestone that has taken since July 2011 when I started blogging. Thankyou to all who read, and I can see how many pageviews there are. You all keep me on track to keep posting as I know that I will get phonecalls, or emails or texts when I have been a bit slack posting. I can see that the photos of customer has been a bit light on, and "other" things have taken over, but I am doing this as a record of my life now.

Last weekend it was great to have the QGSA Valuation Panel visit Bordertown. We had a great time, achieved a lot, and enjoyed time socially with each other as well. The girls were billetted at 3 members houses and we went out for the evening meal together. Below are just a few photos from last weekend.

I posted yesterday about finishing all the cases of Mystery quilts, and I felt such a relief at this. But as of last night, my collection of 20 has dwindled to 12, so a few more ideas are going around in my head for more. I love the challenge of matching the fabrics, and deciding what to do with them. And then playing around in EQ and sometimes what I start out to do, ends up completely different due to the quantities of each fabric that I have or have not.

I shall report on the Mystery retreat an a few days, a post a few photos as well. It is lovely to listen to the buzz of the conversations, and the laughter. I am enjoying the fact that retreats are now at my house on this side of the road, and I feel more a part of it all.

I had a lovely road trip yesterday to Grandfriends day at the school of GS1 and GS3. Schools are certainly different places now to what they were in my day, or even when my children were at school. Photo below of the 2 grandmas, and the boys. It was a very cold day, and we drove through some very heavy rain on the way home.

The action is happening here, and it is exciting to see the quilts starting to come together. It's time to heat the soup for lunch.

Catch ya soon,

Blessings, From Jude


Pauline Clark said...

Thankyou Judy. Enjoy reading The Blog..

Susan Smith said...

Always look forward to seeing a new post pop up, and thanks for the wonderful friendship you provide be it through your blog, help over the phone or the great Statler retreats. Enjoy the long weekend & take care.

jfoster8 said...

Looking forward to seeing some results of the mystery suitcases.