Friday, 10 June 2016

Things are good.....

Just a very quick post this morning, before I leave the house at 6 am. 
Yesterday my 84 years "young" mother phoned to see if things were ok, as I had not posted on my blog for over a week!! So I am doing a very quick update this morning before I walk out the door to go to "grand friends" day at the school of 2 of my grandies. I have not attended one of these for them before, so the other grandma and I are travelling 3 hours this morning to attend.

Things have been a tad busy and my life has been "consumed" with doing up the little cases with the Mystery quilts in them. I am pleased to report that yesterday I finished that job for now, and have 20 cases completed!! What a marathon, and my mind can now think of other things.

About an hour after I finished this, DD1 and her family arrived for the night on their way to Melbourne to visit DD3. So we spent some time together. and they will leave sometime after I have gone.

I better go and clean my teeth as the other grandma will be here very soon.
And this afternoon before I get home again, the house will be filling up with another group of ladies, all ready to spend another weekend together. I do hope they are all happy with the case that they "choose". We have a different allocation process this time, so looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Have a good day.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

I was thinking you'd been very quiet lately, but then remembered about the big weekend, so knew you were terrifically busy. Hope you enjoy grandies day (I've done a couple in the past), and the coming weekend. Take care.