Friday, 1 August 2014

This week


I have been quilting


Above is a quilt made by Prue for her granddaughter, who requested soft colours for her quilt, which is the school house block. And because she likes strawberries, I have quilted them all over the quilt.

An below is the quilt I have finally finished that will be a raffle quilt for a group, and custom quilted, with lots of SID, lines, CC’s and feathers.



The weather this week has been very wintry, with rain, gale force winds, and low temperatures. A good week to stay indoors, with the heater going. I was thankful for my wood heater as I had the washing from last weekend to do, and my lounge looked a bit lot like a Chinese laundry. (That is a saying from my younger days, but I can’t say that I know what a chinese laundry really looks like??)

It has been cold and wet



Collecting fabric

This a the start of my collection of fabrics for the next Paper Bag Mystery Retreat, which will be in October. Now I have decisions to make, and patterns to design to use it all. If you might be interested in coming, I will have more details soon.


And a special delivery

When I went to the post office today, I collected 2 parcels, one of those was a quilt that I was expecting, to go on the machine next week.

But the other parcel was a lovely surprise. One of my family had a book made for me, with lots of photos from my 60th birthday party. It is beautiful, and is a lovely remembrance of a special day. Thankyou so






I have lots of photo albums that go back through the years, but when I started taking digital photos in 2004, I stopped getting the films printed, and they are all on my computer. (And have been saved to a separate hard drive as well).Not such an easy way for others to go through your photos and share memories though, is it? It has been my intention, (and don’t we all have good intentions) to go through these and print some of the photos and put into albums. But what a time consuming task, so it has not been done. And I have just now realised, that there are 10 years of my life waiting there. And mixed up with thousands of quilt photos as well. It’s always been a “gunna do” one day job. And seeing this album just makes me want to get and do it. But maybe I won’t get all the photos printed, I shall get books made instead.

Well, Max has stopped quilting, which means I need to load the next backing and work out a pattern for the quilt.

Be back soon, with more info about the Pink Retreat coming up.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

The quilts look lovely and yes it has been cold. I've just posted some unusual pics. What a lovely surprise from your family. Take care.

Sue SA said...

The strawberry houses are so cute, but love your custom quilting job, very beautiful. Such a lovely idea to make you a photo book of your special event. Ten years of photos is going to be a lot of books, but it will be well worth it!

jfoster8 said...

Love the raffle quilt...

Susanne Simcock said...

Glad you liked your book xo