Thursday, 29 May 2014

What I have been up to this week…


I have been following the blog of Michele and watched her progress with a quilt she has been making. You can read about it on her website. It is rather large, and she had a timeframe to finish it in, so I thought I could help out and offered to baste the quilt on my longarm for her. I picked the quilt up on Monday, when it was decided that I would actually ditch stitch all the applique, which would in effect “baste” the quilt, and then Michele would finish the quilting. We discussed how she was going to quilt it, and a comment was made that some crosshatching would be one idea. Michele’s reply to that was that it would take her weeks, which she did not have. So, it was decided that I would crosshatch some for her, and she is to finish the quilting on the rest of the quilt.

All loaded on Tuesday morning, ready to start.


The outer border with the crosshatching complete and the applique “ditched”.


And this was earlier today, Thursday with the end in sight. Tomorrow morning will see my part finished, ready for return to Michele to add the final touches.


This is a beautiful quilt, with amazing applique, all machine stitched in Michele’s usual high standard. When you read her blog and realise she only started to design this quilt a few weeks ago it is amazing. Check out the whole quilt on her blog, and you will see how much applique there is in the centre. Thankyou Michele for the privilege of working on your quilt. 

Time for lights out now, and an early start in the morning. A quilt to finish, and weekend classes to prepare for.

Blessings, From Jude


Anonymous said...

The girl has done rather well in a short time.

Susan Smith said...

Absolutley delightful and well done to you both. Is it going to Melbourne at the end of June? Take care.