Sunday, 18 May 2014

More quilts


Have found some more photos that have not been shown yet, seem to have had too much other “stuff” happening around here lately. I certainly am feeling a tad, no very weary, and am having time today to do “not much”. I did start a mammoth job in my bedroom this morning before I went to church, and have not made much headway this afternoon, and doing a lot of procrastinating. Pulled all the clothes from one of the wardrobes, and they are mostly still sitting on my bed, so I either have to finish the job, or move them somewhere else before I can go to sleep tonight. Not sure just how to tackle this task, as I have so much. I have accumulated a wardrobe in 4 different sizes, which is my dilemma. I probably should chuck throw what I can’t wear, but maybe I could wear them one day??? This decluttering business sure is hard. The rest of the house was easy, although I have not got into the sewing part of the house yet!! And when I start on the photos, I might just be in that room for years!!??

Pauline made this jelly roll quilt for her sister’s birthday.


Jacci’s quilt, quilted with a block pattern in each square.


Made by Helen, quilted with an e2e leaf pattern.


Thankyou to all those who sent birthday wishes, and lovely gifts. I am very blessed to know you all. Now better go back to the bedroom, if you don’t hear from me, you will know where to look for me.Winking smile

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Sorry I missed your birthday post! So a belated birthday greeting to you....... hope the rest of the year is a good one to you. I know what you mean about the 4 different size clothing in the robes..... I feel if I had to throw out some of my smaller size clothing, it would be like a license to eat and grow more! Good luck with that decluttering, it's something I'm not good at.

Susan Smith said...

Having moved not long ago, we did some decluttering which is certainly not easy. Good luck with it and take care.