Sunday, 4 May 2014

Paper Bag Mystery Report

I know I am a week late with this post, but better late than never is what they say?
It was a fantastic weekend, and I need not have worried about how the bags would be received. Because I had extra bags, changes were made by a few. The first photo shows some standing around the table, and checking out the bags. I put some letters on the front, which were clues to some of what was in the quilt. A few clever ladies worked out some of the letters. We had a little story to read, and the bags were passed to the right, or to the left as these words were read out in the story. There was a bit of confusion sometimes, when someone did not hear a left! Was a fun start to the weekend.
Now the sewing begins, and they are all reading their instructions and looking into the bags of fabric.
Some stayed sewing into the night, and you can see through the window that it is dark outside,
and some decided they had achieved enough for the day and relaxed.
Saturday came and went, and then it was the last day. Some had a little shopping spree at a local shop, and then it was lunch time. A few ladies still had a way to go to finish the centre of their tops ready for the photo, and in true quilting spirit, those who had finished helped the others.
Time for the photo, I took about 6, it was like trying to get children to behave, as they were either talking, or not looking, or making faces, but this one was good. The results of a great weekend.
This was Val’s quilt, which had some applique, otherwise it was very simple piecing, except for when the 4 patch blocks did not fit, because the designer “stuffed” up the measurements! Lucky there was some fabric left. Turned out rather bright.
This quilt is not my design This was taken from a magazine, with minor changes to the borders. The pattern is available from Kate Conklin designs, called Whirly Garden, and can be purchased from her website. I had some packs of charm squares, and was able to use them in this design. It is something different and very modern. Jenny loved her quilt, which I called Juggling Summer, because the fabric range was named thus.
This is Lyn’s quilt, which one lady decided she did not want, because it was orange! We spent the whole weekend telling her it was not orange, but marmalade, or butterscotch! Turned out lovely, with the white background.
This was made with a jelly roll and a layer cake of the Moda range, Old Glory, and Sherrel was pleased with how it turned out.
The others still have borders to put on them, so hope to see the finished quilts soon.
All in all, it was a top weekend, lots of fun and something a bit different to the usual mystery quilts, as you have no input to either the pattern or the fabric! I hope to do this again soon, as I enjoyed doing up the bags. It was a challenge, because I was using a lot of precuts, so had to design something to make use of those.
Have had an early start in the garden this morning, just some last minute weeding. A friend is having her 70th birthday party at The Sanctuary this afternoon, and so far the weather is looking good. The rain has stopped and the sun is shining, so hopefully it will stay that way for the day.
Have a great day, whatever you are planning,
Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

The quilts look fantastic, what a challenge having to come up with all those different designs, you did really well! We are having more rain today, hope your tanks are on the way to being full.