Tuesday, 18 February 2014

EQ Retreat report and a finished quilt!


Before the week disappears I thought I better report on the weekend. We had a great class with The Virtual Quilter, (otherwise known as Judy B), and all learned that the EQ programme does some amazing things. I need to remember to play with it more often, so that I don’t forget what I learnt. Numbers in the class were limited, so that Judy could give each person individual attention when they needed it. Thank you to those who attended, and especially those who travelled 3 hours to get here. Just a pity you did not bring a bit more of that rain the city had, as my rainwater tank would have loved a fill up!

Below is a photo of one of Judy B’s quilts, and the screen shot of the design.


And below is the group photo. I have started putting up group photos in frames around the walls of The Sanctuary. It’s always a talking point to see who you know, that has attended retreats, and there are a couple of girls, having a bit of a competition to see who can get their photo up the most times.Open-mouthed smile


And finally I have finished this custom job on a sampler quilt. It has been on the machine for too many days, although I have not worked on it everyday, with all that has been happening around here.


Now I have a few all over quilts to do, and finish the preparation for this weekends classes. It is the start of another round of Embellished quilts classes that I teach, and am looking forward to meeting some new girls, and for some to finish what they have started, and some coming back to make another!

Hope you have a good week, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. The weather this week is just lovely, with temperatures in the 20-30deg range. Good living weather.

Blessings, From Jude


Marilyn Popplewell said...

As always I enjoyed seeing/hearing what is going on at The Sanctuary. And the blue and yellow quilt is gorgeous. Glad to hear your weather is more comfortable. We actually had lightening and thunder in the middle of a snow storm today. In my 61 years this was a first for me, lightening, thunder and a snowstorm all at the same time? Have a beautiful week. Blessings.

Susan Smith said...

Weather is certainly a bit better and we had a little rain last night.
Talking of retreats, I seem to have lost my schedule you sent, so will give you a call late this afternoon. Take care.