Saturday, 8 June 2013

June 8

Just a quick posting this morning before I get into the day. Am sitting here by the heater in my dressing gown still, it's rather chilly outside and still dark.
Had a day out to the city yesterday, left here just before 6am and arrived back just before 7pm.
Attended 2 meetings in Adelaide, had a shop for some fabrics, picked up my 2 special passengers and drove home again. The trip went so fast, and not because I was speeding,                                           but because we talked all the way!
The Sanctuary is home this weekend to 9 girls who are sewing away on their own projects, enjoying the company of each other, and keeping warm by the fire. I shall post some photos later. I did head to bed earlier than the others last night and I think I am the first one up this morning.

Just a quick quilt show this  morning, with Helen's quilt. She had a pretty piece with butterflies on it, and combined it with some of her hand dyed fabric, made a Convergence from Ricky Tim's book and this is how it came out. She was battling with a shortage of some fabrics, so has been creative with her corners, in that they are not all the same. Which of course, then posed questions for the quilter in how she should treat them!? So this is what it looks like after quilting. Helen brought it to me for an allover quilting job, with butterflies! Sorry Helen, but I thought that your quilt was a bit special and needed something more in those "empty" corner triangles. Hope you are happy with it.
(And before you all think that I always do my own thing on a customer quilt, I don't. Usually I follow the customers instructions.)

Below a photo of the back.

I think that's about all for now, better get to the shower and find some clothes. And then decide just what I shall work on for the weekend. Lots of projects I would like to finish.

And thankyou also to another friend, who kindly lent me her DVD of Downton Abbey, series 2.
I had watched Series 1, and was rather "into" it and it came to a halt. I have the 3rd series lent to watch, but need the second before I do. I had not watched any of it on TV, as I don't watch my TV very much, but after hearing people talk about the show I was curious. Thankyou Sue.

Bye for now, enjoy your weekend, and stay warm (well those of you who are in winter!)

Blessings, From Jude
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Sue SA said...

Glad you got the DVD OK , far too many hours of TV viewing to watch in one sitting, so enjoy n take your time!

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Nice work Jude..... you certainly are one busy lady.